Why become a driver with UGO?

Booking taxis through mobile apps is the future.
The UGO driver app is available on Android & IOS and is very easy to use.
It can help you guarantee passengers requests all over Lebanon. No more looking on the streets hoping for someone to wave at you and hop in, plus you will save on gas!
You can simply log in to UGO app and the request will come to you.
If you are available, then you can bid for the request, if not you can simply cancel the request and it will go to the next available driver.
With UGO, you also have a higher chance of getting a tip through the credit card mode of payment since it mentions a percentage of the total amount the passenger would like to give away as tip.
Drivers have also the option of rating customers, which helps backing up their case in the event of excessive complaints.

How to become a partner driver

We will make sure to get back to you within a couple of days with all the details.

We thoroughly screen and train each driver to ensure that only those with a clear history and best skills become our partners.