Who We Are

Founded in August 2014, UGO is the new and first network in Lebanon that directly and easily connects taxi drivers and passengers’ through an easy to use app, offering them the experience of non-exclusive, fast, convenient and flexible drives.

UGO is available for Android and IOS:

Why UGO?

Easy to use

You just have to adjust your pick up location, specify your drop of and confirm your booking.


Once you confirm your booking, UGO scans your surroundings for the nearest available taxi to you.

You get your driver details

Once a driver picks your order, you will receive exact information about appointed car and driver.

Drivers can be ranked by passengers in order to identify the less performing ones and remove them from our fleet.

Safe and flexible modes of payment

You can either pay cash, by card or on account.


UGO app is absolutely free.

Track your car

UGO will only scan for the nearest available taxi to your location, and you can track your taxi on the map and know how much time it needs to get to your pick up point.